Practices of Approximation

Exhibitions July 13, 2019


Practices of Approximation – Praktiken der Annäherung
July 14-28, 2019
Temporary Gallery

A cooperation of Aneta Rostkowska (director, Temporary Gallery), Mathias Antlfinger, Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez, Thomas Hawranke, Ute Hörner (Atelier Transmedialer Raum, KHM), Verena Friedrich (exMediaLab, KHM) and Karin Lingnau (experimentelle Informatik, KHM)

Satellite to the Rundgang of KHM

quote_gertrude stein_web-9238_photo by pascal dreier
Karin Lingnau
Addendum, 2019, quotes and footnotes, dimensions variable

Adhesive letters on green painted wall, corresponding footnotes on a supplementary page.

Image 1: View of the exhibition (photo by Pascal Marcel Dreier)

Image 2: Quote by Gertrude Stein (photo by Pascal Marcel Dreier)
Corresponding footnote: Gertrude Stein, ‘Everybody’s Autobiography’ (1937), London, Virago Press (1985), page 50. The moment of self recognition in the gaze of the Other is subsequently transferred by Gertrude Stein to the act of writing.