interfaces and peripheries

Lectures, Seminars July 1, 2017

cyborg pump-Cyborgs and Space – Astronautics Sept 1960

Interfaces are the essential key to interaction, with machines, with computers, with the technological world all around us. It’s about the exchange of information between two or more participants, sides, subjects, media.

interface workshop at the ifs international film school cologne
collaborating with Christian Faubel
as part of the MA digital narratives class schedule
summer semester 2017
June 22-23, 2017

The workshop included an insight into historic aspects of interfaces, our everyday-routines, their cybernetic conditioning and their ubiquitous nature. Not only looking at it directly, but also to the peripheries, to the interfaces just in the corner of our eye, that we often overlook.
Besides this theoretical overview the physicality of interfaces was explored in a hands-on approach.

image one: example of a different interface, between a body (mouse) and a liquid, the transfer of drugs via a “[…] cyborg pump, which would feed chemicals at a slow and controlled rate into cyborg blood streams. It is now being used in cancer work to give drugs to mice, driven by osmosis, the diffusion of liquids through a membrane.” Source: Cyborgs and Space – Astronautics Sept 1960

image two: block diagram of the idea of a single user-interface-system