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IDiA presents: Ydin

Exhibitions, Research April 30, 2022

IDiA presents: Ydin, a bionic cell shelter system, 2042

The Institute for Diachronic Artifacts IDiA presents Ydin, a self-replicating system based on bionic cells.


Fragments found in archaelogical sites in southern Europe provide an
insight into a nomadic era when people are constantly moving between
different zones to find work and living opportunities.

Period artifacts and a fragmented audio journal indicate use of these bionic cell systems in the time period around 2042 – 2052 during the Great Migratory Movements. The constructs are thought capable to envelop surfaces in urban or rural landscapes, either adaptively settling on existing structures and bodies or forming and hardening as free standing dome-like protective shells.

Ydin appears to be based on a bionic material forming tessellated cellular structures. The base cells, consisting of an enhanced chain polymerase composite material, are corresponding to each other to create an energetically interlocked and balanced system. Each cell is programmed to self-replicate starting from a core piece.

This core piece is the essential element: each evening it is used as the seed to grow a tessellated protective structure, triggered by an energetic impulse, either in collaboration with other Ydins or singularly. Every morning the personal core piece is broken out of the hardened structure again and carried and guarded as a precious item to be planted again on the next day.


The artifact on display is a reconstruction of a fragmented structure found on site, file DA-S(r) 72/5. The audio is part of a spoken journal by a young traveler, origin and age unknown, file DA-J(a) 72/2li.

Karin Lingnau, IDiA presents: Ydin, 2022, fragments, drawing, index cards, audio

Exhibitions: Funken Akademie für künstlerische Forschung/ Klub Solitaire, Chemnitz, 2022. Conference Zukunftsimpulse 2022+ des Netzwerks smart³, at Fraunhofer Institute, Cluster of Excellence Programmable Materials, Schloss Albrechtsberg, Dresden, 23.06.2022. International Conference on Programmable Materials at Fraunhofer Forum Berlin, 12.-14.07.2022.