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critical imagery in contemporary science fiction

Exhibitions, Publications, Research October 8, 2020

An article posing the question, if Science Fiction can still be viable for proposing utopian visions… or was this ever the case?

Published and presented on several occasions in the course of the research project Utopian Cities, Programmed Societies, organized by Dana Diminescu and Tincuta Heinzel, 2019 – continuing.

Out of the introduction:

Science fiction nowadays functions foremost as a tool to visualise and build utopian ideas, to make them palpable and haptic. But can the genre still uphold a certain complexity in utopian concepts? Current technological possibilities have enabled the fabrication of architectural and social utopian imagery in a wide range of media. The visual often seems to be more important than the actual critique and questioning of societal contemporary concepts through imagery. By looking at examples in film of the science fiction genre, architectural and social settings are questioned for their validity in visualising utopian ideas.


Project website (not yet completed)

Publication, article page 11-12

Utopian Cities, Programmed Societies, Exhibition at Fabrica de Pensula, Cluj, Romania, Nov. 2019

title page of the exhibition and publication

Exhibition/Insert on occasion of the Simultan Festival “Unseen”, Timisoara, Romania, Sept/Okt. 2020

Connected to a talk in summer 2019.