Exhibitions January 22, 2018

invitation bridge nieves de la fuente gutiérrez january 2018
Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez

January 25 — February 22, 2018
Matjö, Cologne
Presentation of the KHM award for artists

The exhibition “bridge” provides an insight into the collections of (extra)terrestrial research in recent years. In her observations of landscapes and mission simulations Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez shows materials and testimonies from the preoccupation with past and future places, landscapes characterized by transformative-terrestrial actions, rediscovered as memories in their own imagery.

In a dialogue with Karin Lingnau, Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez constructs the image of a research station as a display of different formats of fictional and factual entanglements. It presents textures and artifacts, collected and considered again, extracted from the original habitat, re-set, in booklet, text, image, sound.

With the support of the equal opportunities office and team of the KHM and the cultural office of the BBK Cologne e.V., curated/produced by Karin Lingnau.