Uncategorized June 18, 2011

CryUnreal_collaborative work_game
CryUnreal, two channel interactive installation, 2011

Collaborative work by Thomas Hawranke & Karin Lingnau
as part of the »Paidia Laboratory: feedback« series
of Paidia Institute, presented at several locations,
(i.a. Computerspielemuseum Berlin/transmediale 2012, Platine Köln 2011)

In CryUnreal one player controls two games at the same time with only one interface. The level-design is based on a hand drawn map which was translated via the engines of the computer games FarCry (Cryengine) and Unreal Tournament (Unreal-Engine).

Paidia Institute is represented by Jonas Hansen, Thomas Hawranke, Karin Lingnau and Lasse Scherffig